About Kevin

Hi, I'm Kevin

I’m a lifetime learner of all things related to personal development and productivity. I love helping people breakthrough their limitations and barriers, the things holding them back, so they can be who they were meant to be.

My Story

Have you ever struggled to get it all done, thinking there’s got to be more to life than just crossing things off your to-do list? Or do you ever struggle with low energy, not getting important things done and then feeling overwhelmed and guilty because you can’t take care of or spend time with the people you love and those who depend on you?

I have. I was a stay-at-home dad for almost 11 years and was running a business at the same time. I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and felt I wasn’t doing a good job in any area of life.

I kept trying to push through fatigue, doubling down, thinking I could overcome and eventually turn the corner and things would be easier.

But that wasn't the case. I wasn't listening to my body. Health issues were starting to pile up: depression, fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, muscle coordination, and on and on.

I was being someone who created problems and challenges instead of opportunities and energy.

It took me some additional time to figure things out, but there was a gradual change, a slow growth toward being the type of person who is a better steward of my time and energy.

I was always a student of personal productivity, even as a kid. However, I had a new intensity, to find a way to get things done with as little energy expenditure as possible.

I went over all the systems, tools, techniques, methods, frameworks, and resources for getting things done that I could find. Each approach has its strengths but didn’t address my core challenges.

In reality, it was simply that I wasn't being the type of person who consistently accomplished my goals. I wasn't executing. I had the plans and tools, but not the consistent execution toward the goals.

So I asked, “What would a system look like if it allowed me to get the things done that matter most while requiring a minimal amount of energy from me?”

And, more importantly, "Who do I have to be to make those things happen consistently?"

Answering those questions is the basis and driving force behind my life and my business. I want to help others access and optimize who they are showing up as in order to fulfill their potential.

If there's anything I can do to help, please reach out.